What is the flavor of your inspiration?

The fact is that I am as much at home in airports as I am in many of the destinations in between. I see the stories and I feel connected to the transient lives around me. I wonder. I dream. I know anything is possible. The only question is - where do I go next?

The inspiration in airports, for me, comes from the stories of the people I find there. This time of year, especially, many of us have been on journeys to see family and friends, escape the cold for warmer climates, or celebrate the world not ending last December. Walking through any airport there are suits and short, cowboy boots and flip flops. Hair in all colors, luggage in all states of use, people wandering lost, and others on missions of personal importance that radiates from their firm steps and eyes scanning the milling crowds, taking advantage of each opening in the sea of people.

I have some of my best ideas at 35,000 feet (or occasionally when sitting on the runway in some southern state I was not intending to visit - an occurrence that has become too common of late). Maybe it is because I cannot distract myself with emails and errands and walks along the water. I am trapped. Just me and the computer (sans wifi, usually). Perhaps a notebook or a novel. I should also note that I cannot sleep on airplanes, no matter the time of day or the length of the trip. I am too aware of everything that is occurring around me and too intrigued by the small pieces of stories I see through the gap of the seats in front of me.

So I edit the images that have sat too long ignored on the computer. I write and find peace and space in the clouds, even surrounded by the maneuverings of a cabin full of people. I breathe and remember and I almost always arrive feeling newly inspired. Renewed and energized. Travel for me is always a new beginning.

Where are you going next?