At Home in Motion


they can call me crazy if i fail all the chance that i need is one-in-a-million and they can call me brilliant if i succeed gravity is nothing to me, moving at the speed of sound i'm just going to get my feet wet until i drown - from "Swan Song" by Ani Difranco

In familiarity there is inspiration, and also the potential for stagnation. I left home at 18 (and again at 29) to seek new types of creative expression and to find out how much bigger the world could be. Now I return to my roots for respite and the freedom that comes from working with a place and a subject that I feel in my core. Creating in Oregon is intuitive and natural. I know the light. I have traversed the landscape from stark beaches to mountain overlooks. Discovering new places to photograph feels like coming home again and again.

For years I created work about searching - for belonging, for home, for purpose. I wanted an escape and I found it in photography. My endless quest found resolution not by finding the answer but by redefining the meaning of home - instead of a physical location it became a feeling, a sense of internal peace and belonging. I think I fully realized the importance of this redefinition when I stopped dreaming about losing things.

Now the importance of place allows me to tell stories, share my world, and remember that I never travel so far that I cannot go back to the beginning.