Reflections from the Train


Recently I have been reflecting on the fact that I haven’t written a blog post in a month. Perhaps trains are not the best setting for blog writing, as I am finding that I tend toward the romantic in my ponderings. Still, as there is never enough time and for this moment I sit – not alone, but solitary – in a world of movement, hip hop, and silent words. Best to take this unexpected gift of time, along with the slightly romanticized worldview it inspires. So, here we are. On a journey. Scouting locations, visiting new places, making connections, building community. I realized recently that though I often say I never have “enough time” - for blogging, for photographing, for answering emails, for calling friends - yet I am always filling time with inspiration, visual memories and records, the often wonderful and occasionally awkward connections between people. I may not have a camera in hand as often as I would like (at least one that is not of the phone variety), but I am always creating, planning, seeing, building.

A friend recently told me that the universe smiles on me. Indeed, I am incredibly grateful for the life that I have, the art I am able to create, the opportunities that allow me to live what I love. I also work my ass off from the moment I open my eyes until I fall into dreams. When asked, as I often am, how I am able to live here, to do this, to travel there, to make that, I say that I jumped. I fell. On the way down, I built a set of patchwork wings made from the remnants of a life that no longer fit. Relentless and exhausted and exhilarated, with the desire to live fully and authentically, I flew. Always I knew I wanted to do more than survive the fall. I needed to thrive and to do more with the life that I have than simply create or record. I am perpetually looking for more – looking for what matters – finding ways to grow, inspire, challenge, change. Constantly discovering.