New Project!


Hello, blog-land. It's been far, far too long since we've chatted (as I realized when I saw the date of my last post) and I am sorry I was neglectful this summer. I promise many mornings of shared coffee and reflection this autumn. In the meantime, a brief update and a call for your help. You see... I am working on a new project! Yes! It's a collaboration with an LGBTQ greeting card company - and I want you to be involved. (Yes, YOU!) Here's how it started.

I grew up writing frequent letters (on real paper) and spent hours picking out just the right card in the stationary store whenever someone I cared about had a major event. I grew accustomed to looking for cards that assumed my gender was male based on who I was giving the card to, until the routine went something like this: Quick scan - does the card say "man" anywhere? No. Okay, read the words and see if it is something that sounds both meaningful and relevant for my partner/friends/family. Then, double check - is it pink and does it have butterflies anywhere? No. Purchase said card (and wish it were just slightly different). For years I commemorated events with cards that were almost right, but just not quite there.

Then, a few months ago, I learned about Teazled and their LGBTQ "traditional greeting cards for the non-traditional family." After meeting with Dina and Dom, I knew I wanted to work with the duo to create specific imagery for this unique line of cards that reflects my life and my friends' experiences, memories, and hopes. Teazled has a good base of cards, but they used stock photography to get off the ground and I know we can do better. After meeting with the team last week and discussing the vision of the company, I am turning to my community to help me create images that are authentic and relevant, with real people (not generic models). I would love to have your help raising the bar for our community and what we expect on the cards we give each other.

Teazled is bringing more awareness to the community and the tangible, everyday moments in our lives by working with big brands like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Albertsons, and others to offer cards in mainstream locations, as well as offering a wide variety of designs online (many more to come soon, with your help).

Over the coming months, I am scheduling shoots every week throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan (and beyond, when required), so let me know your location and availability if you are willing to sit for me. Bring your partner, your lover, your friends and let's have some fun! The company is still growing, and unfortunately I cannot offer monetary compensation at this point, but you will receive digital files from the shoot and, if Dina and Dom select your image, you will be on the cover for a new line of cards - how awesome is that?

Please email me if you have any questions and if you want to schedule a time to shoot. Feel free to forward this link to anyone you think may want to participate as well. Have a look at my site if you want to see some of my other projects and the style of my work: You can also check out Teazled at and read more about their approach and story (and order cards!).

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you (on a card) soon!

Warmest Regards, Marico