In Gratitude


On this day, two years ago, my life changed. It has continued to change many times since, in big ways and small, but that was one beginning. Every day I am grateful for the life I am building - the surprises, the challenges, the community, the adventures. Through laughter, so much laughter, and through tears. With plenty of dancing, some long nights, rooftop meals, and many incredible friends to support me along the way.

Each day I create this life in gratitude and awe, and each day I look for what more I can do - how I can be more open, giving, joyful, compassionate, present, and brave. Though the days and the locations shift and flow, there are a few core elements that I know establish the foundation for everything else that follows: connection, inspiration, curiosity, and the need to do something in the world that matters.

I am never on this journey alone. I thank you. All of you. You inspire and encourage me every day to live fearlessly, to work harder, to continue becoming.

Between now and the end of the year, I would like to share some of the incredible collaborations and adventures that made up 2013. So, in case you haven't yet met, this is Charlie. Last summer, we had the fantastic experience of shooting a series for [FRAMED] with Brooke Shaden.