The Taste of Memory


I’m reflecting a lot this week - looking back over images and words from the past year. Remembering countries, people, projects, conversation. One thing is particularly obvious: I remember in food. (And shoes, but I haven’t been capturing pictures of those, whereas I seem have hundreds of ubiquitous food shots.) At first I questioned the sheer quantity of food I have eaten over the past eleven months. Then I realized that far from being a boring, daily necessity food is - for me - a marker of important moments with multiple sensory triggers that transport me backward through time to the first meeting, a reunion, solitary meals in a new city, pancakes as big as my head.

Through food, I share love. Create experiences. Connect with new acquaintances and delight in the act of preparing a meal with good friends. What gathering doesn’t include food? We use it to comfort, to connect, to forget.

I use it to remember.