Dreaming a Year into Being

I thought that I would sit down this week and write a recap of the last year - the changes and challenges and travels and projects. Life happened and now we are hours from a New Year. As I sit here, thinking of words, I realize that I feel overwhelmingly grateful and full. This year, for the first time in a long time, I know that I truly lived each day to the furthest reaches of possibility. I am fully myself, and continue to be - to just be - every new day. This year continued to show me the power of connection and community and the importance of personal strength. This year I have learned how to really belong to and in the world. And so, at the beginning of this New Year, I send these wishes to you, my community, and I hold these thoughts within myself as I cross another threshold.>

Be bold. Live fiercely and unapologetically. Build what inspires and sustains you. Be full and passionate and completely present. Dream without editing and create without fear.

I am so excited to see what we can do with each new day.