I am currently working on plans for workshops in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this summer & another collaboration with Liza Keogh to bring together movement and creativity in New England this fall. More details soon! Email me and I'll add you to the list so you find out first! 




Pathways to the Inner Story: A Weekend Retreat, October 17 - 19, 2014

Creativity, Yoga and Meditation. A trio of potent tools, in the hands of skillful teachers.

A weekend spent shedding our daily habits and preparing our inner ground for insight. A time of beginning new practices ~ or reinvigorating old ones~ using photography and writing as tools to record and deepen this personal process.

Pathways to the Inner Story speaks to the integration of creative and mindful practices to connect with parts of ourselves (emotions, memories, questions) that may be hidden, stashed away, and previously inaccessible. It also speaks to the letting go of old habits and making space for  enhanced creativity and self-awareness.

More to follow! We’re just so thrilled to be continuing our collaboration that we want to get enough particulars out there to whet the appetite.

Dates: Friday, October 17 to Sunday, October 19
Location: Nine Mountain Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA
Cost: $385
Questions? Email us.

  • Housing is dorm-style.
  • A limited amount of private rooms are available for an additional fee.
  • All meals are gourmet vegetarian.
  • Gluten-free and other dietary options are available with notice.
  • This retreat is expected to sell out. Reserve your space early, especially if you plan to request a private room.

Use the PayPal button below for your $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.

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This August, join photographer Marico Fayre and yoga teacher Liza Keogh on a 5-day retreat event in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

Yoga and meditation have a way of preparing us for insight, even revelation. Photography, writing and other creative practices give us tools to record and deepen that process. This retreat encourages the integration of creative and mindful practices to uncover, discover and reveal your inner story, under the artful guidance of two long-time teachers.

Retreats invite us to shed our daily habits and enter spaces that can feel very different from what we are used to experiencing on a “typical” day. We get to imagine the hours and days ahead lay ripe with possibility:

~ personal or professional change ~
~ enhanced creativity ~
~ awakened awareness ~
 ~ even deep transformation ~

The space for self-expression is created rather quickly, starting with the key moment we commit to attending a class or retreat. There is something inherently liberating in the act of making a physical journey to a new place like San Miguel. Stepping out of routine and setting aside obligations and responsibilities allows us to open ourselves to new depths of understanding and acceptance. The space we create as a group invites us all to connect with parts of ourselves (emotions, memories, questions) that may be hidden, stashed away, and previously inaccessible. Marico and Liza will be supporting and helping to hold everyone in this process.

The daily exercises we’ll be doing are designed to support each participant opening themselves to the creative force in a new way. Engaging the body in the process, as well as our ‘creative’ muscles, helps us find suppleness, whether you see yourself as an artist or not, as being creative or not, or whether you are just feeling stuck.

  • Beginning the day with a healthy and fresh breakfast in the San Miguel sunshine.
  • Meeting as a group for a yoga practice, taking time to inhabit our bodies with awareness and sensitivity as a prelude to meditation that opens us to our vulnerability. These short meditations are meant simply to elicit sensations of pleasure and strength, drawing from our well of memory.
  • Circle afterwards, with each person speaking in turn about their meditation. As we connect to each other, something in the remembering and in the telling begins to move our bodies, to move through our bodies. We become storytellers, and in the re-telling, our bodies guide us into movement once again.
  • Paper and drawing supplies help us take these meditations into the physical world, working big, working without fear, creating individually and then as a group. This is one of the experiences that can begin to illuminate the path that leads us back to ourselves.
  • Capturing and sharing our visual experiences with digital or analog cameras, cellphone cameras, or other recording devices. When we travel to a new place, externally or internally, we see the world around us differently. Working intentionally to record the emotional and physical experience in visual form opens up another channel to connect with the muse, and with ourselves.
  • Creating journals to house our thoughts, experiences, images, and memories. We will begin and end each day with a writing exercise that you can choose to share or keep private. These journals will also serve as touchstones to remind you of your experience once you return “home”.

Everyone participating in this retreat will be housed together, with the option of a shared or private room. All meals are included, with ingredients coming from the organic farms that surround the town. Daily sessions of yoga and meditation will help ground and open us to the creative sessions and group discussions to be held each day. There will be time to explore the town and environs: the local hot springs, botanical gardens, sunsets and side streets of San Miguel.

~ Please join us on this journey to uncover, discover and reveal your inner story ~

Cost (all inclusive of housing and meals): $995.00
Early Registration (pay in full by July 15, 2014): $895
‘Locals’ pricing (those already living in San Miguel, who will not need housing): $395 OR just $345 if you pay in full by July 15.