Marico Fayre is a photographic artist whose work explores vulnerability, solitude, mental illness, LGBTQ identity, and the search for belonging, with a deep curiosity about the connection between makers and their impact on the world around them. Marico often collaborates with performance artists and writers, weaving together the two voices in order to create projects of depth and strength. She is a founding member of Small Talk Collective, a group of seven women photographers based in Portland, Oregon. 

She works with small businesses and graduate thesis students on branding, marketing, portfolio development, and business plans, and is passionate about helping fellow creators understand the business side of being an artist.

Marico’s work has been exhibited internationally, including Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR), Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO), RayKo Photo Center (San Francisco, CA), 625 Sutter Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Gotham Arts Salon (New York, NY), Brooklyn Pride Center (Brooklyn, NY), PhotoPlace Gallery (Middlebury, VT), Lightbox Gallery (Astoria, OR), and Bellas Artes (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico). Her images have been published in Diffusion Magazine, Shots Magazine, Color Magazine, ToneLit, Method Press, 5x5 Magazine, Vogue Italia online, and VJC–Journal on Images and Culture.

Currently based in Austin, TX, she works internationally and travels as often as possible in order to continue challenging how she sees the world and what she is able to discover (and share) through her camera.

You can see more on Instagram @maricofayre and @smalltalk_collective, and sometimes on the blog.

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2019. Criminalize This! The Social Policing of Gender and the Criminalization of Queerness. Amos Eno Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.
2019. Small Talk: Rumors. Wolff Gallery. Portland, OR. [collective]
2019. No Strings Attached. Blue Sky Gallery. Portland, OR. [collective]
2018. Small Talk: Conversations. Disjecta. Portland, OR. [collective]
2018. We're Always Touching by Underground Wires. Pushdot Studio. Portland, OR. [collective]
2018. Call and Response: Art as Resistance. Photographic Center Northwest. Seattle, WA.
2017. Color: Photography Now. Black Box Gallery. Portland, OR. 
2017. Unlimited. Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, OR. 
2016. Introspective Landscapes. 625 Sutter Gallery. San Francisco, CA. 
2015. The Politics of Voyeurism. Milepost 5. Portland, OR. 
2014. Quixotic Nature. Gotham Arts Salon. New York, NY. [solo]
2014. Dapper Spring in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Community Pride Center. Brooklyn, NY. [solo]
2014. Perfect Wasn’t Bad. Empty Stretch and Hell & Gone. Brooklyn, NY. 
2014. Visual Narratives. Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. [Director’s Choice]
2013. Then.Now.Here. Photolucida. Portland, OR. 
2013. emergence. Lightbox Gallery. Astoria, OR. 
2012. Voyeurism & Intimacy. RayKo Photo Center. San Francisco, CA. [Honorable Mention]
2012. What Will You Reveal? Be*Mused. Portland, OR. [solo]
2011. Fragments of a Happy Marriage. Union Rose. Portland, OR. [solo]
2011. Memory & Metaphor. K & F. Portland, OR. [solo]
2010. Wide-Awake Dreaming. PhotoPlace Gallery. Middlebury, VT. 
2010. Uncommon Portraits. PhotoPlace Gallery. Middlebury, VT. 
2009. Memory & Metaphor. Umpqua Valley Arts Association. Roseburg, OR. [solo]
2009. Reflections. PhotoPlace Gallery. Middlebury, VT. 
2009. Dreams and Fantasies. PhotoPlace Gallery. Middlebury, VT. 
2004. Bildungsroman. Higgins Gallery. Portland, OR. [solo]
2001. at sixteen. Philip Feldman Gallery. Portland, OR. [solo]


2019. “LGBTQ Photography Resource Guide” for the Society for Photographic Education, LGBTQ Caucus.
2018. We're Always Touching by Underground Wires. Published by Small Talk Collective in Portland, OR. 
2017. Capture Magazine. Sept/Oct. “Look at me: the art of self-expression.” 
2017. Fraction Magazine. Issue 102. Feature: Small Talk Collective.
2017. Ain’t Bad Magazine. August. Feature: Small Talk Collective.
2013. [FRAMED] Network. Featured Artist, interviewed by Brooke Shaden.  
2013. VJIC - Journal on Images and Culture. Issue 5. November. Featured Portfolio and Interview. 
2013. Shots Magazine. 120. Summer.
2013. 5x5 Magazine. July.
2013. ToneLit. Issue 2. Spring.
2012. 5x5 Magazine. March & December.
2012. Diffusion. IV.
2011. Shots Magazine. 113. Autumn.
2011. Method Press. Issue 03. “A Moving Target.”
2011. Still: The Art of Living. Published by the Female Self-Portrait Artists Support Group.
2010. COLOR Magazine. Single Image Competition Bronze Award.
2009. In Her Own Image. Published by the Female Self-Portrait Artists Support Group.


2017. Project Grant Recipient. Regional Arts and Culture Council. 
2015. Visual Artist in Residence. San Miguel Writers Conference. 
2015. Critical Mass Finalist. Photolucida. 


2018. “Portfolio: Concept & Development.” Society for Photographic Education, National Conference, LGBTQ Caucus.
2012 – 2018. Graduate Professor & Thesis Review Panel Member. Academy of Art University. San Francisco, CA. 
2017. Panel Member. Portland Art Museum: NW Photography Council. Portland, OR. 
2017. Guest Lecturer. Newspace Center for Photography. Portland, OR. 
2015 – Present. Founding member of Small Talk Collective. Portland, OR. 
2013 – Present. Principal. Poetica Studio. Portland, OR & New York, NY.  
2014 & 2015. Workshop Facilitator. Pathways to the Inner Story. Nine Mountain, MA.
2014. Guest Lecturer. “Gender, Sexuality, and the Photographic Image.” Oregon State University. Corvallis, OR.
2011. Membership & Marketing Outreach Manager. Newspace Center for Photography.
2010 – Present. Represented Photographer. Trevillion Images.


2017 – Present. Secretary for the National LGBTQ Caucus. Society for Photographic Education. 
2013 – 2014. Facilitator. Asterisk Queer Co-Working Network. Brooklyn, NY. 
2011 – 2012. Chair & Founding Member. QueerNW with the Portland Area Business Association. Portland, OR.
2001 – 2002. Art History Intern. Pacific Northwest College of Art.


2011. MFA in Photography. Academy of Art University. San Francisco, CA.
2005. BFA in Photography. Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, OR.